Hooksett Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

59 Pleasant St.
Hooksett, NH 03106



What Services Do We Offer?

dog examHVC offers a choice of weekday morning, afternoon or Saturday scheduled appointments, as well as the convenience of a patient drop-off option to accommodate busy pet owners. We will take a complete history, perform a thorough physical examination, and suggest any further testing or procedures if necessary to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

We administer all appropriate annual vaccines and tests, individualized for each patient’s age and lifestyle. Dr. Meloy and Dr. MacNeill strongly recommend twice-yearly exams due to the accelerated life spans of our pets, in order to monitor, diagnose and treat problems in their earliest stages. Whether your pet is a bouncy new pup, an adult cockatiel or boa, or an aging cat, we will do our best to help you maintain his or her optimum health.



Surgical procedures offered include:

cat on porchSpaying, neutering, abscess treatment, laceration repair, soft tissue procedures such as lump and mass removals, bladder stone removal, and gastrointestinal surgery, among others.

Appropriate blood testing and other pre-surgical evaluations are performed, as each individual patient requires. We use a variety of anesthetic agents tailored to the safety and needs of each pet, taking into account their age, condition, other ailments and degree of surgical risk.

Aseptic surgical conditions are maintained, and patients are monitored throughout surgery and recovery. Proper pain control medications are used to alleviate pain, provide comfort and contribute to faster healing. The safety and wellbeing of your pet are our highest surgical priorities. If your pet requires a surgery that we do not provide onsite, we will facilitate arrangements with a specialty surgeon, and in many cases follow-up can be done at HVC.


Dental Care

cat dentalAs they age, all pets will accumulate plaque and hardened calculus on their teeth, and most will develop dental and/or gingival (gum) disease. At HVC we provide products and services to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy, and prevent mouth pain, infection and tooth loss. Dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia, with a thorough exam, cleaning, polishing of the teeth, and extractions when necessary. Proper home care of the mouth after a cleaning can keep your pet’s mouth healthy longer, helping to prevent associated disease involving the heart or kidneys.



Our clinic maintains a full inventory of pharmaceutical products for your pet’s needs. We dispense a wide array of prescription medications, the best options for flea and tick control, and effective and affordable products for heartworm prevention and internal parasite treatment. We also stock shampoos, over-the-counter pet health maintenance products, and the highly respected line of Hill’s Prescription Diets and Science Diet pet foods.